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Polished Stones


At Moonstone Tea and Botanicals, we are committed to creating products and content that add value to your day, nourish your higher self, and support you on your journey to your ideal life.

From the worst year ever, to living life with purpose

Hi, I'm Marielle, founder of Moonstone Teas and Botanicals, and here is my story.

I've always found myself walking a different path than that which was expected of me. From a young age, I knew I was meant to do big things. For a long time, I thought that meant forcing myself into the traditional "mold" that many ambitious people fit into; working long hours to appear reliable, taking on countless responsibilities beyond my own limits to gain credibility, and generally putting my career first in order to climb the ladder. 

For many people, this system WORKS, and allows them to achieve the goals they've set for themselves. I celebrate those peoples' successes.

I myself, struggled. It took years of anxiety, exhaustion, and the feeling of being unfulfilled for me to figure out that it wasn't working for me. I realized that yes, I was still meant to do something great, but I had been going about it the wrong way.

In 2020, the year of global uncertainty that changed so many lives, I decided that the only way to live the life I wanted was to take a leap of faith. I began to think of ways that I could align my career with my own personal values, and that's when Moonstone Teas and Botanicals was created.


I combined the ideals that I personally prioritized, and the things in life I am most passionate about. Mindfulness, kindness, the power of meditation. Spirituality, gratitude, and the healing power of plants. Fearlessness, strength, and the knowledge that we all possess the power to change our own lives.

The result, Moonstone Teas and Botanicals, is a company built on those values. We aim to provide eco-friendly, sustainable products that are hand-blended with all-natural ingredients, love and positive intentions. Our goal is to help people through wellness, encourage them to live authentically, and create the life that they deserve.

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