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Why Moonstone?

Updated: May 19

Some of you may be wondering, “why moonstone? What does it have to do with tea?” I’ll be attempting to answer this question, with the risk of sounding a little out there (sorry, not sorry.)

So first of all, look at the word. Moonstone. Isn’t it dreamy? It’s a perfect union of our natural world and the moon, two things in this universe that despite our efforts as humankind to take over, hold ultimate control over our environment.

Without ever seeing a moonstone, your brain will conjure images of a starry night sky, a full moon, beaming with a radiating glow, casting its bright light over a space untouched by civilization. Its silvery, soft light illuminating natural stone, trees, and plant life as far as you can see, visible but somehow still shrouded in a mysterious darkness. It nurtures a sense of safely despite the lingering danger that is associated with the night. When I gaze upon the mighty moonstone, I see something strong, healing, and ethereal. Something beautiful, elegant, yet still powerful as hell.

Now imagine that as a person. Personally, I aspire to be exactly as described. Who doesn’t want to be beautiful and graceful? To inspire and awe, to heal? To have not only the strength, but the confidence to be true to who you want to be, live unapologetically, and to fearlessly wield the power to change your own life, and possibly the world for the better? I imagine my ideal self, confident, because she knows that she is aligned spiritually, and that she works with nature, not against it. She is carefree, because she trusts herself and her decisions, and knows that what is meant for her will come when the time is right. She looks how she wants and feels beautiful, because she knows her body is more than flesh, and that it is amazing and resilient. She does not worry, because she knows she is strong enough to weather any storm. Her mind is sharp and open, because she is always learning, and does the inner work to maintain clarity and balance. She is compassionate, because she knows how it feels to be down, but also that it is possible to get back up and sometimes we all need help. She is far from perfect, but she allows herself to feel her emotions, grow from them and never stops trying to be better. She is free because she is not competing, but somehow, she is still winning.

For me, building this business is a vital step towards being her. I plan to use this business as a channel to help people embrace taking a moment for themselves. The way I see it, my journey truly began with something as small as a moment. In a moment, we can step back from negative thoughts, draining routines, second-guessing and “how freakin’ busy we are all the time,” and stop. Once you stop, you can observe, formulate ideas, theories. Why do I feel that way? Why am I doing that? When you start asking yourself questions, you can get to the bottom of things. You can do the math and find out what isn’t serving you, what will feel better. My journey began with “why are you tired all the time?” and “what makes you happy?” When I took a harder look at my life and started discovering the answers to these questions I was conflicted. I was starting to see that there were solutions, but change is scary. But I decided I was going to step forward. I realized that part of the reason making changes in life is terrifying is because it’s easy to forget that you can start small. It’s scary because change can feel like you’re throwing away everything you worked for to that point, and you don’t know that it will be worth it. My first step involved taking a new job with different operating hours in a quieter environment. It wasn't perfect, but it was a necessary step in the right direction that would allow me to ask more questions and discover more soul-lutions. I’ve come so far since that first step. And it all traces back to a moment.

You may still be wondering, “why moonstone?” After much searching, I know what in this world are important to me and contribute to my happiness. Moonstone represents all of those things, which I constantly work towards bringing into my life and that I wish to impart upon the lives of others. Moonstones are considered to be healing to those suffering anxiety, and I think one of the best ways to manage anxiety is to live closely aligned to what you value in life. Moonstones are associated with love, intuition, abundance, connection with nature, joy and new beginnings. Moonstones represent all the things I’ve learned that I value, the things that make my ideal self thrive. The vision I have for Moonstone Teas and Botanicals is for it to be a channel from which I can put good things out into the world, and to do that I must live, work, and grow aligned with my values, one step at a time. Alone I may not be able to change the world, but I can contribute to the balance.

Thanks for sipping with us!

Marielle @Moonstone Teas and Botanicals

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