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Refreshing Summer Matcha Popsicles (And Bonus Pupsicles!)

Updated: May 19

August. Here we are. Where did the summer go? August is both the peak and the inevitable decline of summertime. Up here in the Northeast it has been hot and humid, with our 2 month heatwave just finally beginning to break. August brings up mixed feelings for me, personally. On one hand, I can’t wait for hoodie weather, gathering friends at dusk around a campfire, and activities like corn mazes, pumpkin carving, and getting fresh-pressed apple cider from the local cider mill. I get excited for the new school semester, and most importantly, spooky season. On the other hand, I love the sun and relaxing outdoors, kayaking, and swimming and the long summer nights. I get to enjoy sitting outside watching our 3 dogs, our ducks, and our chickens, roam freely through the yard, and breath in the fresh air and feel the grass under my feet. The problem I face in August, and all summer really, is the heat. I have ambitious ideas of how I want to spend the warm months, but oftentimes the reality is it’s just too damn hot. All the great fun activities get thrown out the window when the humidity is over 70%. Something about instantly pouring sweat when I head outside and my legs sticking to each other when I walk inspires a little bit of laziness. Days like that all I want to do is throw on my favorite shades, kick back in the grass with a tall glass of iced tea, a frosty treat and get a little bit high (on life.)

Now, I know that you know that sounds like the perfect afternoon. I also know you’re probably thinking, “what kind of frosty treat…?” Luckily, I’ve developed an easy, delicious recipe for you to try. My Summer Coconut-Matcha Popsicles are a tasty, refreshing snack, easy to make, and easily customizable. I used mango for the fruit layer, but I've also tried strawberry, adding chunks of fruit, and I plan on trying it with pineapple or kiwi next. The options are endless, so you can suit it directly to your tastes. And of course, I haven’t forgotten our four-legged family. My Greek Yogurt and Apple Pupsicles are a healthy and cooling treat for your fur-wearing best friends.

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Summer Coconut-Matcha Popsicles Makes 4-8 pops


½ cup mango chunks (fresh or thawed, approx. ½ a mango)

½ cup plain greek yogurt 1 cup coconut milk

1 ½ teaspoons sweetener ( we used stevia, but you can use white or brown sugar, agave nectar, or whatever suits your preference)

1 teaspoon matcha powder

¼ teaspoon coconut extract (approx. 1 cap full, optional)

You’ll need

Popsicle molds (I used these reusable, BPA free, silicone popsicle molds, available on Amazon here)

A whisk, hand mixer, or a fork

3 medium sized bowls

A food processor or blender


With a hand mixer or a whisk, combine the coconut milk, sweetener, and yogurt; divide evenly into three bowls.

In one bowl, add the coconut extract and set aside.

In the second bowl, whisk in the matcha powder and set aside.

Add the mango and the contents of the third bowl to a food processor or blender; blend until smooth then pour into your popsicle molds, filling only ⅓ of the way. Do not put the sticks in yet.

Let the mango layer freeze for 15-20 minutes, then layer the coconut layer (bowl #1) over the mango, filling another ⅓ of the way. Allow to freeze 20-30 minutes.

Fill the molds the rest of the way with the matcha layer (bowl #2.)

Carefully push your sticks down into your popsicles, and freeze for at least 1 hour, until the layers are solid all the way through.

Greek Yogurt and Apple Pupsicles Makes approx. 16 treats


¼ apple, diced small

½ cup plain greek yogurt ½ cup unsweetened applesauce

You’ll need

Ice cube tray or silicone baking molds (I used these reusable silicone molds, available on Amazon here)


Layer the apple pieces on the bottom of your molds, just covering the bottom.

Spoon applesauce on top of the apples, filling the molds about ½ way. Lightly tap molds on the counter to make sure the applesauce fills in the space around the apples.

Layer the yogurt over the applesauce, filling molds the rest of the way. Use a spoon to spread the yogurt evenly in the molds. Place molds in the freezer until solid all the way through.

I hope you enjoy these recipes! I'd love to hear how you're enjoying your summer snacks, and if you've gotten creative with the recipe, let me know in the comments! As always,

Thanks for sipping with us!

Marielle @ Moonstone Teas and Botanicals

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